Scriabin Complete Preludes by Anthony Hewitt

BBC Music

“Not since Gordon Fergus- Thompson’s outstanding Scriabin series for ASV has the other-worldly, deeply sensual aspects of this extraordinary music been brought so alluringly to life. Where other pianists have a tendency to play up the profound debt owed to Chopin in the earlier sets (Opp.11-17), Anthony Hewitt looks forward to the psychedelic dreamworlds conjured by Scriabin’s later work”.

“…the G major “Languido” from Op. 39 has rarely floated so free of earthly constraints, as Hewitt creates this extraordinary impression of merely breathing on the keys. No less captivating is the “Poetico con delizio” second prelude of the Op. 48 set and the opening Andante of Op. 67.”

Julian Haylock

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