Shouldering Brahms

I'm happy to report that I'm back to full fitness after suffering a broken shoulder in May as a result of a nasty cycling accident. I was slated to play Brahms Concerto no. 1 in last June's Ulverston International Music Festival, and was devastated at the time not to be able to perform this most passionate of piano concertos. Any one who has a similar injury would be well advised to 'shoulder Brahms' and practice this piece; the tremelando octaves are the prefect medicine to aid movement in the joint. Swimming is very much on the agenda too - I'm contemplating swimming from Dover to Calais and performing a concert on each side of the channel!

Skryabin Preludes

I'm looking forward to my CD released for sale in the New Year. I'm currently preparing the liner notes and it's fascinating to delve into Skryabin's life and discover links between his perosnality and music. I've just produced a little 'blogumentary' about the marked change in style from the early Chopinesque period to hs later works which veer towards atonality. Watch this space.

Wigmore Hall Performance

I am looking forward to my first appearance at Wigmore Hall for almost exactly ten years. Tempus fugit, but my Tempo during my performance will not (although the Tempo marking in the Scriabin is Volando - hurrying)! I'll also be playing Schubert, Beethoven and Chopin, so largely a romantic programme. The concert sold out, so look out for some returns from 10am on the day

First BeethoVan performance

Come down to Richmond Riverside on Thursday Feb 2nd at 1pm and catch my first performance outdoor performance on the . What a day to choose for an impromptu outdoor performance on the BeethoVan - it's going to be the coldest day of the year so far. I'd better ring my special hand warmers that I was given when I was on tour in Japan a few years ago!